Adobe Analytics

Hello Marketers,
Marketing Analytics Club is coming up with its upcoming Event on Adobe Analytics.
“Data can come from anywhere. Insights come from Adobe.”
Adobe Analytics lets the user mix, match and analyze data from anywhere in the customer journey. Adobe Analytics is also used for versatile reporting, predictive intelligence, strategic tracking and more. It consists of products that allow marketers to apply detailed segmentation and real-time analytics across different marketing channels.
The speaker of the Event is Dan Cumming. He is one of the 2021 Adobe Analytics Champions. He is also currently the Global Product Analytics Manager at McDonalds.
Let’s dig into Adobe Analytics and get you up to speed!

Date: Apr 16, 2021
Time: 03:00 PM CST

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Search Engine Optimization

Join us for our next session on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The speaker of the event is Diana Miller. She is a Web Content Writer and SEO Specialist. She graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Linguistics. Her professional experience includes several years of foreign language education, to later become a Web Content Director in various independent projects.

Date: March 05, 2021
Time: 03:00 PM CST

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Email Marketing Using Salesforce

Join us for our next session on Email Marketing. The speaker of the event is Brooke Lace. She is a CRM Developer for JSOM web services. Brooke will be discussing on Marketing Cloud Journey Builder and content builder of Salesforce used by JSOM to create personal email marketing responses.

Date: February 26, 2021
Time: 10:00 AM CST

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Alteryx BootCamp

As we have promised
MAC is back with ALTERYX. In this event, you’ll learn about the real business use cases with examples and also deep dive into workflows.  This is presented by Trevor Yarbrough and Brandon Koudelka currently working in Alteryx.

What to expect from the event:

  • Introduction to Alteryx
  • Alteryx Predictive/ Marketing Demo
  • Customer use cases
  • Alteryx Core certification
  • Career at Alteryx
  • Followed with Q/A session

Date: 30th October 2020, Friday
Time: 11-12 PM CST

  • Join this free event and get trained with Alteryx, find out the jobs available with Alteryx in this power-packed session.

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Trusted Medical – Marketing Case Competition

MAC is hosting a Case Competition in collaboration with Trusted Medical where you will be provided with a problem statement and a timeline of 1 week to come up with a marketing plan to solve the problem. You will be expected to create a recorded presentation.

What to expect from the event:

  • Once we decide on finalists they will have the opportunity to present their project live (virtually) to the company and the best project will get a paid internship opportunity with Trusted Medical for Spring 2021. Yes, Paid Internship opportunity for the winner.
  • This is a group project with a team of 2 participants , the project is open and free to all Master’s students who are eligible for CPT in Spring 2021. Come showcase your talent and grab this wonderful opportunity to be a part of Trusted Medical this Spring 2021.

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