Spring 2020 Event 1:

A wonderful kick start to the spring semester where Mr Jags Porandla gracing us with presence and gave an informative session on types of marketing in industry and cited examples using cases from the industry. The attendees engaged in a very interactive digital scavenger hunt game. The winners were awarded free membership and a student hamper.

Spring 2020 Event 2:

We arranged a very practical approach to SQL by our Marketing Officer Ms Sanjula Kaul. She emphasized on the industry use of SQL and explained with an example. Later dataset was used to solve MYSQL query challenge.

Spring 2020 Event 3:

SEO and Analytics was a successful webinar with internationally-recognized domain expert Bill Hartzer who shared his SEO recipe of Expertise, Authority, and Trust with us. The session covered topics on how to optimize current content and on-page optimization. He also helped us understand why SEO Audit is important and the process of the audit. We got a chance to get familiar with tools that will help us optimize our websites and prepare audit reports.