Event 1:

The kickoff workshop has Brad Wheeler and Bablu Chowdhury enlightening us with visualizing analytics at IBM. The session helped the students explore the visualization world, learn about the tools and applications of these tools

Event 2:

A successful webinar with the senior director of Log Rhythm Michael Mckinnon briefing us about the revenue generation and ways to measure the revenues through marketing.
The session helped the students explore to learn more about the marketing tools and how marketing helps.

Event 3:

We had Santosh Ahuja speak about how a data scientist would approach marketing data and work with the company’s marketing insights. It was a good session having a non-marketing person talk about how marketing is the key to any analysis

Event 4:

Tableau, the famous tool in the industry is very much in demand in the market and we aimed at having a bootcamp on Tableau by one of the top-notch students in the MSBA program. Students gained a lot of experience and hands-on tableau and learned how visualization is a key in analytics

Event 5:

Rost Ginevich, CEO of Cooperative processing resources (CPR) has shared his insights on how PowerBI was being used at his firm, despite the fame tableau carries in the current market. Visualization in any form is appreciated as long as it is conveyed to the client. Being able to tell a story out of data which no one can read is an art worth mastering

Event 6:

Despite SQL being the heart of analytics, we need to make our hands dirty with a little coding to get the insights and let the machine do the processing for us. With this as the motive we have successfully arranged a session about R, hosted by Prof. Saurav Chatterjee who explained how churn rate is calculated and how important it is for any marketing firm

Event 7:

The very infamous and highly efficient self-service analytics tool Alteryx has been away from limelight quite a while. With the intent of teaching the students about the tool and to help the students who don’t consider themselves great coders, we have introduced Alteryx at UTD. Prasad, a data scientist at Lennox international, gas shared a few insights and has given the students a demo of how the tool works and how it helped him during the early stages of his career.