Our Objectives

  • To bridge the gap between academia and industry and help students align themselves with the current market needs
  • To hold talks by industry experts in the field of marketing web analytics, database marketing and social media marketing
  • To host discussion forums on latest trends in marketing analytics and familiarize members to current best practices in the industry
  • Help students identify their present skills and build on them in order to strive for a successful career in marketing analytics
  • To organize competitions and provide encouragement to learn more by way of awards and rewards

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide valuable industry exposure to students seeking to make a successful career in the field of marketing analytics. We strive to impeccably combine classroom learning and job placement upon graduation through MAC’s core values of focus, discipline and an insatiable desire to learn and grow. We also intend to give back to UTD by helping current students to secure top notch jobs, thereby making our Alma Mater proud.

Our Advisor

All organizations need a mentor and a leader who guides them in their journey.

Dr. William Hefley, Program Director for Business Analytics at University of  Texas at Dallas is well renowned for his knowledge in the field of analytics and technology but also has a long teaching career. We couldn't hope for anyone better.